We have pioneered a new production model that significantly reduces waste caused in the fashion industry and gives artisans in the United States a new way to grow. The business of fashion has a carbon footprint only second to oil and gas. One of the primary reasons is because un-purchased inventory ends up as waste and quickly finds its way into landfills. Traditionally massive productions are manufactured in order to offset the risk of unsold items, but every pair of Salone Monet shoes are hand dyed to order. This prevents the purchase of the excessive inventory needed to sell multiple color offerings. And our unique post-production dye model supports artisan jobs in the United States.


In order to reduce waste and support local dyers, every pair starts out in 100% white silk, then is dyed to your order request. Due to the artisanal techniques used during the creation of this accessory each piece is unique with slight variations. The method used to develop Salone Monet nudes is an essential part of our mission to make you shoes that celebrate you and your style.  

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Salone Monet is the founder and creative behind the color inclusive nude shoe brand Salone Monet. A lifelong passion for shoes turned Salone away from political PR and into a shoe designer. After receiving a degree in Public Communications from American University in Washington, DC, she created digital content for the federal government and trade associations while working at a shoes and accessories boutique. There she realized the need for color equity amongst nude shoes. Salone learned shoemaking in Brooklyn NY, where she made her first pair of nude heels from scratch. Her color inclusive line has adorned the feet of Beyoncé Knowles, Gabrielle Union, Keke Palmer and a host of other influential people.